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n. a planned period of calm spent together by a just-born(*or just-adopted) baby and its parents; occasionally, time spent by parents without their baby; (hence) a vacation or holiday taken by a pregnant(*or adopting) woman and her partner.

*my snippet

For attachment and bonding purposes our adoption agency suggests that we have a 30-day babymoon. During this time we are to limit visitors, take some time-out together as a new family, get plenty of rest and work on bonding with the babe. This “period of calm” will help babyzook have a smooth transition into a world of different surroundings,

sounds and smells, and help it to attach and embrace Jamie and I as mommy and daddy.

But, in the meantime, in our waiting, we decided to take the other kind of babymoon as well. For sentimentalities sake, we booked it to California — where we honeymooned 7 and a half years ago…

Cute kids, whiny kids, playing toddlers, screaming babies and a whole classroom of giddy children from a Cold Lake school … our flight to Disneyland was a gong show! This gave us ample opportunity to observe how parents coped keeping their counterparts calm on the direct 3-hour flight. Toys, bottles, crackers, cuddles, Nintendo DSs, ipods with games and bouncing knees…

Whereas before our adoption process we were absorbed with the fun of fast rides and timing our fastpasses just right, on this trip we were taking note on how parents were travelling with young children. How much they were packing. What type of stroller they were they using, etc.

Rip Curl reversible bikini top & solid parfume from

I get satisfaction from packing light. No only does it give me leeway to shop, but it also makes me feel freer to navigate airports and busy streets. However, with my new hyperawareness of parenthood, I became so impressed by the arsenal of equipment parents were juggling while travelling. (Especially those with multiple small kids.)  Some had even brought their own car seats…so much stuff!

For the two of us for 6 days we had one suitcase and one carry-on.  Here are some tips on travelling light that I’ve picked up over the years:

  • lightweight,non-wrinkle,reversibleclothing; e.g., lululemon’s athletica line has some great reversible jackets and pants
  • dual-purpose products; hotel conditioner can double as shaving cream. Use your iPad or iPhone as a one-stop-shop for  maps, music, games, and e-books (just don’t forget to turn off roaming!)
  • compacts & minis — you can find almost anything in travel size these days from high-end to low-end brands; e.g., L’Oreal Elnett Strong Hold Mini Hairspray from Walmart packs some punch. I always travel with the Wet ‘n Wild face illuminator in “Sun Kissed,” it can act as a blush, eyeshadow and lip gloss all-in-one. With a touch of mascara, and a hint of a tan…it’s all you’ll need!
  • swap out liquids for solids, this makes getting through customs a breeze; ditch the liquid hand sanitizers for packages of wet towelettes (great for in-flight hand washing)
  • accessories — costume jewelry, scarves and belts don’t take up much space in a suitcase but can go  a long way in changing up the look of an outfit

"Expectant Mothers Should Not Ride"

Though we  had a “magical” time as usual on this (our third) trip together to the “Wonderful World of Disney”, we kept thinking about how much more fun it would be to bring our kids back one day when they are old enough to wear princess dresses and pirate hats. For those pregnant mommas hoo are planning a babymoon, a theme park may not be your best choice because a majority of the rides prohibit “expecting” mothers.

As far as packing light goes, I’m not so sure I’ll be able to keep it up with a child and diapers in tow…but I’ll do my darndest!


§ 8 Responses to Babymoon

  • Colleen says:

    Liz I love the HoozHooz new design – Awesome

  • Babba says:

    You sure have learned a lot already about traveling
    with children. I well, remember those days.

    Very exciting!

    Just waiting to see this new little one.

  • Teresa Ahner says:

    Hi Liz and Jamie. I love reading your blog. When is the baby due to arrive? I am so excited for the two of you! Emil’s daughter is thinking about adoption. Would it be okay to send her your blog? I love you both! xxoo

    • thezooks says:

      Absolutely! You can send my info her way. We are getting close to being matched with a child, but probably won’t be travelling until the fall…
      Love you too! L&J

  • Shenelle McLeod says:

    Wowie! Congrats you guys! How exciting!! And yes, traveling light with a baby is dificult! Hehe! Especially cause I use cloth diapers. Not only are they bigger, but you have to bring them all home with you too! No getting lighter as the day goes by! Now with two kids, I keep an ’emergency’ bag in the van (yes, I now drive a MINI-van…Never say never! Oh well, it really is alot easier) with an extra change of clothes for all three of us, diapers, recieving blanket…etc. Then I don’t have to carry it all ‘just in case’ if I’m going for a short trip.

    I am also looking foward to Disneyland with kids to dress up! Will be so much fun!

    Love you guys!

  • Adrienne says:

    With more notice we could have sent Tukari along with you so you got the full experience? j/k 2nd babymoon coming up for me soon, if there is such a thing.

  • Bonnie Iftody says:

    Lizzy, I am very happy for you and Jamie. What a blessing you two will be for any chlld. BTW, your parents were about the best modelling for parenthood you can get. Just add a little 21st century technology and you’ve got the perfect blueprint for how to raise amazing children for the Lord.
    Your blog is great! You’re such a creative, innovative gal.

    Love you!

    • thezooks says:

      Thanks Auntie Bonnie!
      We are quite excited to meet babyzook. I agree with you about my parents. A praying mom and a dad that readily gives us hugs 🙂 I’m truly blessed~
      We are #7 on the wait list now, so you may be a “great-aunt” before you know it!

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