Positively Pooched

October 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

“You might as well just have a kid,” dad-z said when we told him we were thinking about getting a puppy.

Well since we don’t have a kid yet, I can’t say from personal experience if he is right–but some of my friends with kidlets have concurred.

A couple of weeks ago the breeder we got eddie from emailed us to let us know that we have first dibs on a little critter from his new litter. Tempting!

I believe I have forgotten what it was like those first few months waking up every 3-4 hours at night to take out the pup with the pea-sized bladder. The “potty” training, chewing and obedience training woes have all been washed away by an incredibly sweet & for-the-most-part pleasantly behaved tween pooch. (eddie turns 2 tomorrow!)

We would LOVE to get a play companion for the eddster. Not that I think we could handle two tooters, but double  french” kisses and “frenzies” (where they zoom around the house doing some impressive hardcore parkour—très funny) would be welcome.

In short we are crazy about our pooch-meister. And we often talk about how he is a perfect match for us; how he enriches our lives on a daily basis. We know that if God can bring us the perfect dog all the way from Newfoundland sight unseen, He can certainly do the same with a baby from the DRC.

Adding a puppy to the adoption mix probably isn’t an ideal idea right now. Never mind the $2000 those beauts cost. So we will have to stand out for this round. Needless to say…

We are forever & positively pooched!



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