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Have you ever received a gift with purchase from the makeup counter at your local drug store, and thought “thanks, that’s nice, but I’ll never use it…” To the back of the closet you pitch it!

Well I have a perfect solution for all those mini-makeup sets in pretty mini-cases, the tad-bit-tacky jewelry, and pretty-but-not-perfect purses that you get as gift with purchases…

Re. Gift.’Em!

The kind ladies LOVING on our babies in the orphanage will LOVE this paraphernalia. I’ve been accumulating all sorts of stuff for the last year to give to babyzook’s caretakers: mini hand lotions, lip glosses, scarves, jewelry, clutches, pens, etc…

It is all jinglejangle that hasn’t costed me anything and will be “mini” enough to squeeze into our designated pressies suitcase. The mini-er equals the more equals the merrier!

Right now Rexall Drugs is dishing these out in black, silver and purple if you spend over $25. So go ahead and fill a prescription, pick up some toilet paper, tissue & tylenol, or buy that box of grey-coverage hair dye that you desperately need =)

Although we will be getting our baby’s main caretaker a very specific and sentimental thank-you gift, we want to have gifts on-hand to shower down our gratefulness on anyone we come across in Congo who has played a part in our adoption journey.

One person’s trash is another’s treasure. It is true. We have so much excess here in North America. I’ve been in homes in Africa that only have 1 mattress, 1 table and 1 or 2 bowls for 6 or 7 people. They certainly don’t get “gifts with purchase.” And they only purchase absolute necessities. (And, no, the new MAC holiday set Dazzlesphere doesn’t count as a neccessity!)

Okay...I'm guilty as charged. This Essie nail polish in Mamba was not a necessity, but at $2 off at Rexall Drugs today -- I couldn't resist this lovely shade!

So shop smart this season (the seemingly never-ending one where you wait and wait for news on a referral) and take advantage of 2 for 1 coupons and gift-with-purchases by perusing online before you head out to maximize your buying power.

Perhaps some of your friends & family would like to get in on this re-gifting, so hey!, spread the word–and they might just throw some trinkets in your “treasure” trunk!

p.s. don’t forget to use your airmiles and other points cards!


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