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January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Now that O-11 is in the bag & O-12 is out of the gate, here are some adoption-related things that I found delightful & helpful yesteryear…

1. Despicable Me

When I popped this movie in I had no idea it was about adoption. This sweet little movie may make you laugh and cry simultaneously. It’s darned cute & has an underlying message  to boot…

© 2010 Universal Studios

When a criminal mastermind uses a trio of orphan girls as pawns for a grand scheme, he finds their love is profoundly changing him for the better. (imdb.com)

2. A Thousand Sisters by Lisa Shannon

A must read! Lisa Shannon shares her own experience of being in Congo (DRC) with an unfettered honesty. This book is informative and inspiring.

"A Thousand Sisters is a portrait of the world’s deadliest war through the intimate lens of friendship. It is a story of passion, hope, and my journey to carve out human bonds that cannot be touched by terror." Lisa Shannon

3. Shadow by Icha Kavons

I would love to get my hands on more of this native Congolese’s music…

4. Babies Documentary

This movie documents the lives of 4 babies from different countries for 1 year. Although there is no talking it is quite good. Notice there seems to be no relation to “stuff” and happiness? Here is the trailer:

5. Congo Adoption Blog

The Nelsons are a family of 7! Two of their darling children are adopted from Congo. I like the way Jess shares candidly about life with the kids and adoption related issues they face. I have a feeling I will be referencing this blog more often once we bring babyzook home…

Nelson 4 to 5

6. And Another Congo Adoption Blog

Follow the Christensen family as they adopt their little Cohen from Congo…

Congo, Here we Come!

7. Letters to Haiti

Philanthropy & fashion? Heck ya! This is a lovely story of best friend supermodels Coco Rocha & Behati Prinslo (Victoria Secret Supermodel) who use their fame as a platform to deliver letters of love,  hope & encouragement to children in Haiti.

8. Baby Names ❤

By now I’m sure you’re compiling a list of names for your baby-to-be. With adoption wait times as long as 7 years for some countries, we adoptive parents generally have a looooong time to choose the perfect name. I have spent hours perusing free name sites as well as my friends’ baby name books. It seems the longer the adoption process goes on, the more names we find that we like! Of course it will help once we get a referral, knowing babyzooks gender and finding out their given name will certainly narrow down our list of about 50…

This Baby Names app from itunes is the best free one I’ve found so far:

9. Congo News Online

This is a great news site to stay current on the DRC: All Africa News

10. Redemption Song

Musicians around the world (including Congo) unite together with Bob and Stephen Marley to play for change. Love it!

11. Wait No More

I thoroughly enjoyed this book by Kelly Rosati on her journey to adopt several children through foster care. Although it is not about international adoption, it still addresses many issues adoptive parents face.

And here she is being interviewed by a White-house correspondent:

I had originally planned to blog separately about each of these points…but just didn’t get around to it in O-11. I’m resoluting to write more in O-12!

Have a blessed year!




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