Pre-Referral Prep

April 15, 2012 § 4 Comments

As my friends (& sisters!) sign up for childbirth classes, try on nursing bras, pack their hospital bags and map the quickest route to the hospital in preparation for their little peanuts to arrive…there are some things that us who are hoping-to-be an adoptive mommie sometime soon-ish need to do before the great Referral.

Sadly we can’t say “soon-to-be” because that is not a reality in the adoption world, but we do gladly get to dodge some of the more unmentionable pregnancy related tasks such as Kegel exercises and managing gas [Jessica Simpson Tweeted that she farts “like 15 times that (referring to the average person farting 15 times a day)“]!

So there is “No baby yet,” but OWAS did let us know that “it should be soon….I am only waiting for that age range (0-12 months).”  This means that any day now we could open our email and see a little face looking back at us!

 We have decided to drop whatever we are doing and rush home to open the email together to look at our (possible) child. The reason I inserted “possible” is because there is an off-chance that the first referral won’t pan out. We have heard of cases where couples have had to reject a referral due to medical reasons and so forth. God help us if we are challenged to face that very difficult choice. Jamie and I talk about this possibility as part of our pre-referral planning.
Another step in pre-referral planning is to contact your local adoption specialist doctor. Our Alberta agent (CAS) suggested we contact Cecilia Baxter’s office at the Edmonton Adoption Clinic beforehand and acquire the email address we will need to send the referral to. The phone number there for preadoption is 780-735-4604. 
So once that’s done what else can we do but check our emails 300 times a day, read more adoption books, browse the blogosphere for more Congo adoption blogs and wait some more?

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§ 4 Responses to Pre-Referral Prep

  • God is good and I believe he will give you the child that you will give you love and care. Sorry for the the wait and the hearaches that goes with the waiting. It’s an emotional roller coaster. I wish you all the best.

  • thezooks says:

    @ island traveler

    Thank you for your kind words!


  • Jennifer says:

    Here’s a tip to save your email refresh finger from getting sore. We don’t have a smart phone, but do have texting on our simple cell phone. I finally set up a rule/alert in my email program to send me a text when an email from specific agency people comes arrives. Then, I know when it’s time to check email. 🙂

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