Care Package

December 14, 2012 § 8 Comments

A Care Package we put together for our daughter is on it’s way to her in the DRC and should get to her before Christmas.

Another adoptive Albertan mommy with whom I have been emailing back and forth is on her way to the DRC and most generously offered to take something to our daughter for us. We scrambled to find just the perfect things to put inside a single large freezer bag. After some internet research on sending care packages to orphanages and consulting with our agency, we went with some simple but meaningful articles.

We secured it all together with a headband

We secured it all together with a headband

Our agency recommended to not send toys because toys are communal at orphanages and as much as we would like our daughter to have her own special doll or stuffy–it is just not a reality. Instead, they suggested that we send a blankie because the child will likely get to keep it for themselves. We had already been given a few lovely blankets for Z.Z. as gifts, so we picked the only one that would squish into the freezer bag. We also read somewhere that it is good to sleep on it for a couple nights so that it will smell like us so that our daughter can get familiar with our scent. Awe…

Hallmark "art clip" photo frame

Hallmark “photo clip” frame

The next item we selected is a picture of us and eddie that we put in a small plastic frame that has a voice recording built-in to it. We found this at Walmart for $10 in the card section. You can also get it here: Magnetic Photo Clip

This is the message we recorded:

“Hello, Losako *her name*. This is mama & papa. We are your Family, Libota. Na lingi yo (says Jamie), Na lingi yo (says I). We love you…tata Β (says Jamie), mama (says I)…”

We hope she can cherish these items and get to know our faces, smell and voices until we are united.

We also squeezed in a little snowman stuffy and some stickers for the orphanage. We printed off a picture of Z.Z. and wrote her name on the freezer bag as well as on her picture and put it in the bag. We want to make sure this package gets to the right child!

We also squeezed in a little snowman stuffy and some stickers for the orphanage. We printed off a picture of Z.Z. and wrote her name on it as well as on the freezer bag.

With Hope & Love,


P.S. there is some controversy over sending care packages to adopted children at orphanages. Keep in mind the children who are not yet adopted and how they feel. Some say care packages satisfy the (emotional) needs of the adoptive parents more than they benefit the child. We did heartily examine this issue and contemplated not sending anything to our daughter, but our agency assured us that most parents send a care package to the orphanage as soon as they pass court…so with this in mind, we did not want our daughter to feel left out! And we also wanted to provide her with an opportunity to start bonding to us, as we have been to her (with her pictures).

Here are a couple links with some more information:



§ 8 Responses to Care Package

  • Margeaux Montgomery says:

    We are another Alberta (Calgary) Family adopting from the DRC. We have been on the wait list since May 2012. It has been so great reading your blog and hearing about the journey. I hope you get to go to Kinshasa soon! Happy Holidays.

  • thezooks says:

    Hi Margeaux,
    Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment. Perhaps we will be able to meet one day in person with our children. I wish you godspeed on your referral!
    Happy Holidays to you & yours as well πŸ™‚

  • Alison f says:

    This made me cry…not sure why but since being a mommy, I am extremely emotional/sentimental. Im sure this will make her christmas. Can’t wait to meet my new little niece.

  • valerie rawlings says:

    Dear Lizzy, What a tear jerker this was for me. To think you have to be so careful about demonstrating your affection to your adoptive child. You must be so excited for the day when you are together. I really admire you and Jamie for going the distance on this – it’s been the longest expectancy ever. Can’t wait for you to be together as a family. Love you, Val

    • thezooks says:

      Some days I certainly do feel like an expectant mamma elephant! But it assures me to know that there is a little person on the other side of this long process…she is not growing in my belly-but in my heart!

  • Gail says:

    Like Valerie said above- lots of tears reading this and feeling all the love you put into this package- it will be just perfect and the recording was an awesome idea πŸ™‚

  • krgauthier says:

    We are so happy we are able to do this for you guys! You were so helpful to us in the beginning!

  • Charity says:

    As always you guys have put so much thought and care into your care package. Z.Z. is so fortunate to have u both for her parents!

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