Red Tape: Immigration

December 21, 2012 § 8 Comments

“Excessive formality and routine required before official action can be taken”

So this week we switched our immigration route from Permanent Residency to landed Citizenship; having to applying for Part I all over again.

Apparently the PR route is actually slower. Our agency case worker recently informed us that “the Sponsorship route takes a while longer because a second medical exam is required to be completed and sent to Nairobi, and from Nairobi sent to London, approved in London, and then sent back to Nairobi.
With the citizenship route, the second medical is not required, so once we have all the court documents and the passport, we can go ahead and submit your Part II application along with those court materials to Nairobi.” We just assumed, when we initially submitted our Part I, that PR would be faster–and our American agency at the time was none the wiser.

In the interest of getting our daughter home ASAP–and after letting out a little anger gas–we switched over to Citizenship.

Ultimately Citizenship is better anyways. Here is the link with the breakdown of the two processes: Citizenship vs Immigration, and the forms: Citizenship and Immigration Canada

“Despise not a snail for its slow and struggling movement; it has a destination and with time it shall arrive” (African Proverb by A.Johnson)




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§ 8 Responses to Red Tape: Immigration

  • Rebecca says:

    Hi Liz,

    I know it’s a big pain! I am in the middle of doing this. I would include in your application form that you would like them to expidite it as you already have a referral and the DRC is a conflict zone. I would just do this as I received a letter from CIC on July 17 saying they received my Part 1 application and that the estimated timeline was 6 weeks and I still do not have approval. I have phoned in and they told me everything is on track, they have confirmed I am a Canadian and that things have just slowed with the approval process recently. They then said if I needed to a letter could be sent saying I needed it urgently. Since I don’t have a referral yet, it’s not urgent yet. Hope that helps 🙂

    • thezooks says:

      Hey Rebecca,
      Just to clarify…you are not yet approved for Part I, and you submitted it when…?
      We are still waiting for our daughter’s birth certificate and passport, so we still have some time, but when those come in—I will definitely start pestering CIC.
      Hope that referral comes in soon for you!

      • Rebecca says:

        Sorry, just say this Liz(just saw the reply)! I called CIC Jan 2 and was told I received approval that morning and would have everything in the mail in a day or two, YAY!! I mailed in my application in June 2012 and they acknowledged receipt of it July 16 and told me at that time it would take 6 weeks, but then by Oct they had agreed that I was Canadian (based on the documentation) and it still took that long and apparently there was “no hiccups” with my file. So I would see about expititing if needed as the wait seems to be long 😦

      • thezooks says:

        Geesh! So many months to wait…I have heard from others that their Part I took anywhere from 2-6 weeks. Perhaps they all already had referrals at the time they applied. Well I hope we can all hear some good new for you THIS year!!!!

  • Tracie Williams says:

    Hi Liz – I have been “caught up” in this beautiful story, so wonderfully expressed by your blog! I love the story you are weaving, and the place of prominence that God has played in all of this – well, in all of us! Thank-you for taking something so personal and intimate and sharing your vision, your dreams and your love – it is breathtaking and inspiring! God’s love to the Zooks! Psalm 126:5 “Those who sow in tears; Shall reap in joy.” Love, Tracie xoxo

  • Darren says:

    Thanks for sharing this. We’re in Calgary, waiting on a DRC referral, and based on what you shared here we’re going to switch to the Citizenship route too. Shame that CIC doesn’t make this key difference clearer. Hope you keep us posted on anything else you figure out — not a lot of Canadian resources for this.

    Good luck to you guys!

    • thezooks says:

      Hi Darren,
      Thanks for stopping by. I agree, DRC adoption/immigration by us Canadians is mainly uncharted territory…
      Something I didn’t mention in this blog post that you may want to know are the downsides to the Citizenship route:
      1. If your adopted child has a child outside of Canada they would not be a Canadian citizen
      2. Your adopted child will lose their African citizenship
      So if you are willing to wait the 3-6+ months longer, PRV may still be of interest to you-depending on your priorities. We just want to get our daughter out of the DRC (potential conflict/crisis zone) and out of an orphanage and home ASAP.
      Hope you get a referral soon!

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