Noel & Nouvel

December 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Well, another Christmas has come and gone…and we still remain DINKWADs (Dual Income No Kids With A Dog)…

This Christmas was special, nonetheless, spent visiting with family and friends. It was super low key this year: We tried to keep away from the materialism and commercialization of Christmas by remembering that people–not things–matter. Although our hearts are (:( that we couldn’t put up an extra stocking this year…we remain hopeful.

I was so blessed by the so-thoughtful gift my sis-in-law gave me this year (we draw names between sibs on my side of the family). Check it…

A "Me & Mini-Me" apron set and The Congo Cookbook.

A “Me & Mini-Me” apron set hand made by Lisa and The Congo Cookbook.

Isn’t it cute?! This gift was so personal & sweet. I just can’t wait to cook with baby-girl!

We couldn’t help but wonder what our little one was doing this Christmas and if the orphanage celebrated the holiday. I found a blog (Divine Moments) where a native Congolese (Trésor Yenyi) explains what Christmas & New Years mean in the DRC:

“Growing up in Congo, we did not have a chance to always eat a decent meal, to have decent clothes or a good pair of shoes. Christmas or “Noel” as we call it, is for us that one time of the year when we expected and prayed for clothes, shoes and most of all a bottle of coke or fanta. Yes, you read right; soda is a luxury for many in DRC and its an important part of the Christmas meal. Chicken or any meat which are expensive in major cities are always something children expect to eat for Christmas. Parents do their best in December to offer a decent meal and clothes to their children. Some decorate their houses but that’s not the most important for the children. Families get together and people visit each other  and make the day a special moment”


“New Year or “Nouvel an” is another major celebration. People either wait for midnight at home or they go for an all night prayer at the church. Bars and pubs also make special arrangement for the celebration. Everyone tries to have the loudest music and at the midnight every one screams “Bonne annee!!!” with hope that the new year will bring more hope than the previous one.” 

I’ll echo that!   May this coming New Year bring you more hope than 2012 did!    

[I’ll even wish you a SILKy (Single Income Lots of Kids) year if that’s what you want! 😉 ]

Much love~Liz

 P.S. Congo recipe reviews to come!

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