A Mama’s Scent

February 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

As a five spritzes per day kind of perfume-aholic, I’ve been revamping my “habit” as of late–even dosing myself in more of my toxic stash of tonics–in order to use up the last of my pretty little bottles in preparation for meeting my Z-babe.

Although I’ve known for sometime that perfume is essentially poisonous, full of a scandalous amount of chemicals per spritz–I can’t seem to stop…well, “using.”

But, with the knowledge of a little one on the horizon, I don’t want to knowingly subject my cub to a carcinogenic or otherwise harmful (yet yummy smelling) substance. I’ve mainly been thinking about this in regards to bonding with Z. Somewhere in the pages of the books and I-net searches on bonding and attaching in adoption, I have came across a suggestion to apply perfume to your child’s wrists as well as your own: thus giving your child a sense of security being able to always smell her mama’s (Lingala word for mom) scent.

So I’ve been on the hunt for a new, natural and scrumptious smelling “signature” scent. A sugary sweet option that I’ve been sporting since I found it in my stocking last Christmas is Brown Sugar by fresh. hoo claim their stuff is made with natural ingredients. Another brand that offers a host of delightful scents from Fruity to Floral is Pacifica, which I’ve seen at local Edmonton health food stores.

elixir bottle

This year, from my mama, I got a lovely crystal elixir bottle in my stocking. This mama plans on getting in touch with her inner alchemist to mix just the right blend of essential oils together for some (guilt and brain damage free!) liquid heaven on earth.

Hopefully it will lure Z-babe in to my lair and not leave my little snorting pooch running away sneezing!

Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart,
    and the pleasantness of a friend
    springs from their heartfelt advice. Proverbs 27:9




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