Edmonton Heritage Festival: Congo-Kinshasa

August 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

Often known as Heritage Days or “nom weekend,” Edmonton celebrates multiculturalism on a wide scale every summer at this long weekender. Festivalgoers can travel around the world in 3 days; sampling a mosaic of ethnic food, entertainment and shops from 85 different countries.

Congo-Kinshasa Pavillion

Along with over 350,000 other Edmontonian festers this holiday weekend, Jamie and I met with some friends at the park and made a bee-line for the Congo-Kinshasa booth.

Congo Pavillion Clothing

The store at the Congo pavilion was minimal and a lot of the stuff sold at it did not appear to be specifically Congolese. We were hoping to see some art and hand made artifacts from the DRC. Disappointing!

Congolese Delecacies

We tried the grilled beef and fried plantains (they were like chewy fries.) Although over-priced, they were quite good. Did anyone try anything else on the menu?

Congo-Kinshasa Heritage Festival 2013

DRC Dancers Heritage Festival

Although seemingly slightly unorganized, the young girls show cased some African style dancing to enjoyable and lively Congo beats.

Finger Puppets.
I picked up these handmade finger puppets and adorable doll at the Peruvian pavilion. I thought the finger puppets would be great for the plane ride home from Africa with lil Z — light weight to pack and (hopefully) provide hours of fun.

I gotta say…I love my multicultural city, and can’t wait to bring Z to the Heritage Fest next year!







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