Pre Travel Prep

October 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

Over the past couple of years I have been scouring the internet for useful adoption information and like our resident squirrel, have been collecting and storing away these ideas & lists in my little “tree den”.

Here is a conglomerate to-do list that I’ve made that is useful for up to 2 months before you travel to pick up your kits & pups (baby squirrels:) Planning the timing for international adoption can be artful, so take a look at the list and see if you can knock some of the list off as you wait.

2 months prior to travel:
_      Vaccinations (Yellow Fever required for DRC)_      Fill prescriptions

_      Check the expiration date of your passport

_      Child and pet care arrangements

_      Arrange for someone to mow grass/remove snow

_      Get travel insurance

_      Get maps

_      Set monthly bills to auto-credit or pre-authorized-debit

_      Make all necessary online purchases (give yourself up to 6 weeks delivery time)

_      Write down PIN codes and passwords to credit/debit cards etc, and store them in a safe place in your home or leave them with a trusted friend/family member.

_      Leave photocopies of visas and passports (including your child’s) along with photocopies of travel insurance, flight itineraries and your hotel reservations with your emergency contact

_      Make some freezer meals

_      Load ipod/smartphone/tablet with music, audio books, ebooks and children’s games/apps




2 weeks prior to travel:

_      Order new (2006 bills and newer) unmarked American cash from your bank ($100s for lodging, $50s for groceries and larger items at the market, $20s & $5s most helpful for everyday)

_      Pay the rent and other necessary bills

_      Hold or forward delivery of snail mail, newspapers and magazines (or arrange for someone to collect it regularly)

_      Balance your bank account

_      Submit any outstanding health insurance claims and set up direct deposit

_      Call airline or go online to choose your seats (back row best for travelling with young children)

_      Unlock your credit card for use in other countries

_      Register with Foreign Affairs (Registration of Canadians Abroad,

_      Install car seat

_      Cut extra house keys

_      Collect care packages from other AP’s in your area to take to their children

_      Print off the International Adoption Travel Packing List (coming soon!) and purchase all necessary items (medications, etc.)

_      Start packing

Immediately prior to travel: 

_      Wash the dishes

_      Laundry

_      Empty all trash cans

_      Yard work (mow grass, tidy up yard, put out garbage)

_      Plant care

_      Empty your fridge of perishables

_      Store away things that are easy to steal (electronics, jewelry)

_      Unplug electrical stuff

_      Turn down (or up, depending on where you live) the temperature in your home

_      Turn down the temperature on your water heater

_      Confirm airline tickets

_      Install/recharge batteries

_      Clean out your wallet

_      Leave expensive watches and jewelry at home

_      Hide and/or handout a house key


Now excuse me, I have some Pre-Travel Prepping to do!






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